Unreasonable spending money pretty common, when you have mental illness, especially disorders with extreme mood changes.  Yes, we spend a lot of money just for a little bit of adrenalin, but it's not just slots. Hazard is literally everywhere. It's 3 hours at post scratching  tickets, sending text messages to every stupid quiz on television or  bet scores on sport you've never seen before .

Sometimes I feel like people are afraid of me. Like somebody told them they should run away from me as soon as possible. My whole life feels like having big no entry sign on my body. Do not touch, do to not love.  On the other hand, I don't want anyone to entry my heart also. They will leave me.

Truth is it's not that funny life. 

Smoking  is my kind of relax.

At least it's funny to have a homeoffice.

photos by Vanda Pirková

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